Our COVID-19 Guarantee

Holiday Essentials

Transfers for the winter season 2020/21

Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 Pandemic at the current time we are no longer able to offer transfers as part of catered our holiday experience.

Covid 19 has had a large impact on many aspects of travel and so there may be significant restrictions that will be placed upon both shared and private transfers which will have a potentially large impact upon transfer costs, together with the availability of transfers.

To take account of this change to our catered service we have reduced our catered prices substantially to take this into account. This will enable our guests to book the train or enable them to drive to the Alps more economically. Once we are in a position to have prices and availability for transfers then we will be able to book transfers for our guests at our commercial rates and we will inform all of our guests once we are in a position to do so.

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