Holiday Essentials

Diets & Allergies

When you come on a chalet holiday it has always been the case that a menu is cooked for the whole chalet, this enables us not only to make sure that your chalet holiday is great value for money but also helps us to keep to any legal regulations regarding maximum working time for our chalet staff.

However over the past few years we have experienced a huge increase in requests for special dietary requirements, largely due to lifestyle choices for our guests rather than actual medical reasons.

Unfortunately in the Alps ingredients for any special diets are often very expensive compared to the UK and actually many items are difficult/impossible to obtain. In order to keep chalet holidays great value for money for the vast majority of guests we have now introduced a charge for those requiring anything special such as gluten free, dairy free etc. This charge will be £25 per person for this service.  Please note that vegetarian food will continue to be provided free of charge.

Any dietary requirements must be advised to us at the time of booking in order for us to be fully prepared or a minimum of 2 weeks before your holiday and in writing only as our chalet staff ordered all the products and ingredients required for the week ahead in advance. Failure to inform us about dietary issues may result in meals not being available in resort. It is the responsibility of the party leader to inform us of dietary requirements or allergies before your arrival.

We can provide:

Gluten free bread/croissants

Gluten free cereals

Gluten free flour

Gluten free pastry

Gluten free pasta

Gluten free cakes

Dairy free spread & soy yoghurts

Soy, goats, rice and almond milk

Diary free cream

We cannot provide:

Rice or other flour types

Specific organic items

Quorn or other meat substitutes

For our gluten free guests we can provide gluten free cakes however you may be served the same cake twice in a week.


It is very important to note that whilst we try our best with regard to food allergies we cannot give a 100% guarantee against any contact with a specified foods. Eggs, dairy products and nuts are constantly present in kitchens and dining areas, so cross-contamination cannot be ruled out, and other guests may bring in products or food containing things like nuts. In addition our staff may not be aware of precise food contents, where they do not speak the language in which the ingredients are labelled. We therefore cannot guarantee the avoidance of specified ingredients, and cannot accept liability in the event of any occurrence of an allergic reaction.

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