Summer in Grimentz

Alpine Switzerland in Summer is world famous for it’s floral mountain meadows, stunning lakes and mighty peaks. The food is fantastic and the villages are beautiful. This is reason enough for the popularity of a Swiss summer holiday in the mountains.

If you’re a little tired of packed beaches and souvenir stands you might find a beautiful village like Grimentz an exciting & refreshing change.

The amazing mountain views from chalets in Grimentz

About Grimentz

Grimentz is a traditional mountain village at 1570m altitude in the Swiss Canton of Valais. The area has been home to nomad farmers for thousands of years but the medieval town centre we see today dates back to the 16th century. At the centre of the town you can find the Burgher House a building of wood & stone that dates back to 1550, in it’s ancient cellars it’s famous Glacier Wine is aged in larchwood barrels as it was centuries ago.

The diverse terrain of the mountains & valleys gives rise to all kinds of beautiful and exciting natural spectacles and dozens of ways to experience them.

What to do and see in Grimentz in Summer

– The stunning Moiry reservoir and Barrage de Moiry a 148m Dam built in 1958, a favourite with bungee jumpers and the featured image in this article.

– The beautiful Moiry glacier is often used as a yardstick for global warming, it’s progress being carefully watched by scientists around the globe. As a visitor you can see it from the Cabane do Moiry or right now with this great ‘street view’ link from Google:

Moiry Glacier

Via Ferrata

– A short drive from Grimentz can take you to the the village of St-Léonard in the Rhone Valley. There you’ll find the largest underground lake in the whole of Europe.  Tours available are March to November, they take you out of the sunshine and into the eerie world under the mountains.

– Via Ferrata can be found all over the Swiss Alps and yet the course at the Barrage de Moiry above Grimentz is pretty special. Why not check out this video. Remember Via Ferrata is very safe when the harness is used properly, if you’ve had no instruction it’s important to go with a guide for your first Via Ferrata.  

– The Alps are full of distinct cheesemaking communities and the region around Grimentz is no exception. If you have an interest in food culture, or just really like your chess, a Cheesemaking tour is available.

Adventure forest is a perfect playground and activity centre in the trees. Youngsters can take a range of challenges and generally have a great time. 

Pass Anniviers Liberte – Stay in Grimentz with Mountain Heaven & quality for the Pass Anniviers!

You might think of a Swiss summer holiday as painfully expensive but that’s only half the story. Self catered accommodation in Grimentz is reasonably priced and very comfortable and with the ‘Pass Anniviers Liberte’ a special summer pass offered by the Swiss tourist board the culture, the fun and the adventure literally doesn’t have to cost a penny.

The pass is available from June to October, all our guests in Grimentz can pick one up for free!

Just a few things that come with the pass

Free access to selected lifts up the mountains
Free access to swimming & sports families
Free use of several main bus routes

Free access to these tours and many more..
Guided tour of the Moiry dam / Grimentz
Guided tour of the hydroelectric power station / Mottec
Guided tour of the François-Xavier Bagnoud Observatory / St-Luc

Find out more about the pass and the full list of benefits.

If you’re interested in a summer holiday in Grimentz, why not take a look at our self catered apartments? If you want some advice or help, please let us know

Moiry glacier

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Cathy Armstrong

Hi. Could you send me the price for the self catering apartment in August please?


Hi, We’re so sorry we overlooked your comment on our blog post. Did you contact our office about the Grimentz apartment? Do you still need pricing information? Please reply to [email protected] or give us a call on the landline 0151 625 1921


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