Ski lift fails – How not to do it

Welcome to the first episode of ‘How not to do it’, articles that embody our ongoing efforts to help people by spreading awareness of how to get it wrong. This is about safety and public awareness of the risks out there on the mountain, if it happens to be very, very funny well that’s not the point. Enjoy, but not too much

Episode 1 deals with the lifts, for without lifts we’d all be walking up the mountain. As it turns out there are a great many things to be aware of when it comes to getting on the ski lifts. We’ve found the most ‘informative’ videos we could. Let us know which one you thought was most ‘instructive’ and we’ll be delighted if you post your own to our facebook page

Watch out snowboarders

Snowboarders should learn to ride one footed, the lift exits aren’t always kind to boarders. Don’t be afraid to head on over to the side and sit down before you gather speed, otherwise the following can happen…

Try not to fall, if you do, roll away

If you end up on the floor, don’t be a victim, roll out of the way. People have a tendency to freeze when they find themselves horizontal with a lift on the way. Getting your skis or board off the ground and rolling away is the ticket, otherwise this can happen..

Don’t forget to get off the lift

You’re supposed to lift the bar and prepare to get off before you reach the top. If you wait too long and particularly on a old style ‘single-gear’ lift you may find you get off too late and this can happen…

Drag lifts – Know when to quit

When drag lifts go wrong you can find yourself hanging on. Unless you intend to be dragged to the top and if you’re not able to get your skis or board under you again and stand up, it might be time to quit. Just let go, roll to the side and make your way back down, don’t cling on for dear life, otherwise this can happen…

Watch out for loose garments

Bags, coat straps and even your salopette braces can become hooked onto a ski lift as you ride. It’s unlikely to cause you trouble on the way up, it’s when you depart the lift that it becomes a problem. That looks a bit like this…

When you play tricks on the T-Bar, expect trouble

Experienced skiers and snowboarders are not immune to the evil machinations of the T-bar or button lift. You become confident perhaps even over-confident and you get bored. Then you start trying a few tricks and before you know it disaster strikes. For example you could try going backwards on your skis, maybe your buddy wants to join in? Watch out though, it could end up like this…

Try not to be run over

As you get in position for a chairlift, you might get a bit giddy and manage to snowboard right off the end of the platform. If you find yourself there with the lift coming toward you, it’s a good idea to get out of the way or hit the deck. Otherwise you’re likely to be run over by lift, luckily they’ll probably stop it and you’ll have to be dragged out from under it.

It can strike when you least expect it

If you manage to board a chairlift successfully dodging slippery platforms and other skiers you might find yourself relaxing without a care in the world. But hold a moment, what if a skillful nutter on a snowboard jumps right onto your chair? If you’re too relaxed you might not be on balance and this can happen…

The moral of this tale?

Watch out for those lifts folks, they can be tricky. Always remember to keep your camera running and keep an eye out for our next purely educational ‘How Not to Do It’.

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