People causing crashes – How not to do it

Here it is, the second episode of our ever so informative video guide series, entitled ‘How not to do it’. If you didn’t catch the first episode it was all about the pitfalls of using the ski lifts. This time we’ll be focussing on the dangers posed by your fellow skier or snowboarder

Trees stand still but other people can be unpredictable and sometimes plain old foolish. Below are a range of videos where piste users meet in unfortunate circumstances, if you have a video like this, we’d be happy to see it shared to our our facebook page.

Careful when you stop, others might not manage it

We all know the person up the mountain is responsible for not hitting people below them but when you stop on a piste or turn suddenly at low speeds, it’s a good idea to look behind you and watch out. You might surprise people behind you and regardless of fault, there’ll be a smash.

Just don’t climb onto park obstacles without looking… ever

Park jumps are where people expect to approach fast, take off and land on snow. Usually you can’t see where you’ll land as you take off, you have to trust the coast will be clear. Don’t go standing around anywhere near the entry or exit, or you can expect to get properly taken down and that looks like this. They’re lucky they didn’t get run over twice.

Err, look where you are going

It might sound obvious but if you feel you can control your speed, the next thing is to look what you’re aiming at. In this video we have to blame the skier ripping toward the lodge, looking at the crowds and not noticing he’s about to have a bad time. His victim the snowboarder seemed to get off better.

Seriously not cool

Nothing is more uncool than speeding up to the lifts and crashing into people. If you’re not all that good, don’t try and make a dramatic entrance, cut your speed before you get to the crowds of people. This guy would have been in the dog house for some time for this.

Your friends can be your worst enemy

You might think your crew will watch your back but sometimes you’ll find they take you out even when it’s not on purpose. Here the victim was filming his pal as disaster struck.

Fault can be hard to call

Sometimes people collide and it’s hard to place fault. Here the snowboarder was more aware by far than the skier, but they were overtaking as the collision happened and yet it was the skier who hit the back of the boarder. Who is at fault here? What do you think?

The moral of this tale?

Other people on the piste are a major hazard. Being aware of what’s all around is vital, just looking forward will get you flattened one day. You should ski and board within your means and don’t write showing off cheques that your skills can’t cash. Always remember to keep your camera running and keep an eye out for our next purely educational ‘How Not to Do It’!

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