Keep your money safe when skiing

If you’re heading out to the mountains, you’ll need to access your money in some form or another. If you’re planning to snap up a last minute ski holiday deal don’t forget to organise your access to funds whilst abroad. With a bit of planning & preparation you can ensure you have convenience and security and avoid some of the pitfalls and mishaps.We hope this article is of some help

Tips for ski holiday money safety

Plan ahead

  • Take photo copies of your passport and driving licence & store them apart
  • Take a photo of any valuable belongings in case you need them for insurers
  • Check where the nearest UK embassy or consulate is at your destination
  • Store a note of your card provider’s helpline numbers in your phone contacts or notes
  • Use cloud services to keep important data. Most phones sync them with the cloud so you can get your details from a web browser if you lose your phone

Travel insurance

  • When skiing it’s important to get the right kind of cover for your trip and to be aware of what your are and are not covered for.
  • Check out our article for more advice on ski travel insurance.

Cards & money

  • If you’ll use your U.K bank cards abroad, make sure you let your bank know to avoid having a card stopped in case of fraud.
  • Pre-paid currency cards are a very handy way of taking money abroad. You can top them up instantly and a replacement is very cheap. Check out our article on currency cards for ski holidays.
  • Phone apps can make it easy to keep track of your balance and move money where necessary
  • Apple & Android pay make it easy to make small purchases anywhere there’s contactless available, a handy alternative to taking your main bank card out on the pistes

Securing your gear

  • Lanyards & carabiners attaching to your valuables to your coat are really handy indeed. We use special phone cases when out on the snow that protect against impact & allow a strong tether to the coat. No need to drop your wallet or phone from the lift with a good tether
  • Pocket discipline simply means making sure all your pockets are properly closed & secured before setting off. Dropping stuff from pockets is easily done!

Infographic (scroll down!)

Why not catch some of these tips and many more in the form of this neat infographic from Sainsbury’s Bank.

Sainsbury’s Bank Guide to Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad

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