Ski Tech

3 iPhone camera tips for ski holidays

The camera in a modern iPhone really works. You can capture images and video that a decade ago would have required some large and expensive digital camera. We have catered ski chalets in the French Alps and we know from talking to our customers that most of our guests get footage of their ski holiday…

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Make ski holiday videos on your phone

apps for ski holiday videos

Our review of a bunch of Apps that can help you capture those snow moments Holidays in the snow provide endless opportunities to post something great on social media. It’s something most of us do and it’s not just the kids. Nowadays most of us can fire off a photo, video or even a panorama…

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Ski holiday survival guide for your smartphone

protect your phone while skiing

There’s no doubt, a modern mobile is a useful thing to have on a ski holiday both whilst travelling and out on the mountain. From displaying your boarding pass, piste mapping apps, taking selfies and even saving your life, a mobile is a great tool. So what’s the problem? A lot of us spend a…

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Handle media on your ski holiday with this gadget

Hootoo travel router

If you travel with mobile devices and action cameras and want to handle all that media you’re capturing, it can be a bit technically difficult to manage. This handy gadget makes it easy for us to handle media on our ski trips, find out why.

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Fatmap, The 3D Ski Mapping App

Fatmap app hero image

You may have seen our last ski app review on PowderQuest, now it’s time to introduce another useful and quite intelligent ski app, called Fatmap – the app that helps you kickstart your adventures and acts as a guide on your journeys. What is Fatmap? Fatmap is a 3D ski mapping app, providing you with…

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App for off piste – PowderQuest

Powder Quest App

We review the PowderQuest app from Salomon. This is an app aimed directly at the adventurous off piste skier and snowboarder as an aide to research whether in advance of a trip of in the morning before hitting the mountain.

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The Ski Chalet of The Future

chalet of the future

We recently took a look at the history of ski architecture but what about the future? Ski chalets in the future will be full of smart technology, we see some evidence of this today but we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s to come. We’ll see new interior & exterior materials and so new inspiring…

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New technology for cold feet

Cold feet

When we’re out on the mountain we can all feel the cold but nothing dampens the spirits like having cold feet. Some skiers suffer from it worse than others and try to double up with socks to resist the cold. American company ThermaCELL have designed a solution for the 21st century that has the power…

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Video tips for your ski holiday

Taking action cam footage on the slopes

These days few of us are coming home from our ski holiday with only memories. Taking pictures and videos of our exploits has become a very normal activity for the majority of skiers and snowboarders. In this article we share some tips and recommendations from our years of taking shots on the pistes to help…

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Time-lapse photography in ski resorts

Blurred ski slope scene with time-lapse turner icon overlaid

For those not familiar with time-lapse, you’ll find most Android and all iPhones come pre-equipped with a camera shooting mode called ‘time-lapse’. Virtually all action cameras (such as GoPros) have a time-lapse mode as do many compact and DSLR cameras. So most of us already have a camera that does the job. The camera will…

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The Riders App

App for skiers and snowboard tricks

For skiers, snowboarders and almost anything else you can pull some tricks on, the Riders app. An encyclopaedia of inspiration for those looking to show off their styles

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