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The Ski Chalet of The Future

chalet of the future

We recently took a look at the history of ski architecture but what about the future? Ski chalets in the future will be full of smart technology, we see some evidence of this today but we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s to come. We’ll see new interior & exterior materials and so new inspiring…

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How safe is your ski holiday due to Brexit

Danger of Brexit for ski holidays

The decision to leave the EU last year had a major impact on the £ to € exchange rate with the rate plunging from over €1.35 to the £ during the 2015/16 ski season to under €1.15 to the £ during the 2016/17 ski season. In September 2016 we published our views on how Brexit…

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Ski resort architecture

La Plagne AIme 2000

When we’re out in the Alps, the buildings we see come in all shapes and sizes and from different points in time. We tend to know what we like and what we find to be an eye-sore. Sometimes we wonder what they were thinking when they built certain developments and yet most of us always…

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Vote for the best ski photo

Photo competition

We’ve been receiving loads of fantastic images for our best picture from last season photography competition. We’ve selected our favourite 10, but now it’s time to pick the winners! This is not a professional ski photography competition, we’re looking for the treasured holiday snaps from our guests and the snow-loving public in general.   Take…

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5 Reasons to book a ski holiday in La Plagne

Reasons to love La Plagne

Next season is always just around the corner & a true skier or snowboarders heart is always turned at least a little toward the mountains. So in these summer months we find ourselves thinking about the next season & each in our own way we start to fashion our idea of what next season will…

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Currency cards for skiing

Travel Money Cards

What are the benefits of currency cards as a way of using foreign currency? What sort of charges are there? How competitive are the rates? In this article we have a look at travel money cards and the benefits they offer.

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Best photo from the ski season competition

ski photo competition

Have you been out to the mountains recently? Did you take any fantastic photos? It’s not just professional photographers taking amazing shots of snow sports and mountain scenery, every year, Mountain Heaven guests show us fantastic images captured on the mountain or about the resort. We thought it’d be great to see what the skiing…

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New La Plagne Montalbert ski lift open

Les Envers Ski Lift Plagne Montalbert

A new ski lift due to speed up connections between La Plagne Montalbert and the rest of the ski area was delayed throughout the season but has finally opened in March so next season La Plagne Montalbert is that bit more awesome.

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An introduction to different types of skis

An introduction to different types of skis

While it may seem that a pair of skis are simply just a pair of skis, they are part of a diverse family and the product of years of development & history. They’re certainly more than just two pieces of fibreglass strapped to a pair of boots. If you’re hiring, depending on the type of…

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Summer in Grimentz

Moiry reservoir in Grimentz in summer

Alpine Switzerland in Summer is world famous for it’s floral mountain meadows, stunning lakes and mighty peaks. The food is fantastic and the villages are beautiful. This is reason enough for the popularity of a Swiss summer holiday in the mountains. If you’re a little tired of packed beaches and souvenir stands you might find…

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A 12 day festival experience in La Plagne

subli cimes la plagne 2017

Across the Alps as winter fades into Spring the mountain folk celebrate with traditions old and new alike. It’s a special time with sunshine, snow & the explosion of spring growth, you can start at the top of a mountain in winter & by the time you run out of snow it feels like summer….

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Keep your money safe when skiing

keep money safe when skiing

If you’re heading out to the mountains, you’ll need to access your money in some form or another. If you’re planning to snap up a last minute ski holiday deal don’t forget to organise your access to funds whilst abroad. With a bit of planning & preparation you can ensure you have convenience and security…

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