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April in La Plagne: Subli’Cimes

Subli Cimes La Plagne 2019

Spring is a special time to be high in the mountains. There’s nearly always plenty of snow on the mountain but there’s likely to be a fair bit of slush lower down. The sun is out and the smell of new growth from the valley is in the air. You can start at the top…

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Special ski deal: 10 free lift passes

lift pass offer

We have a range of catered chalet deals available in March but for a very limited time we’re offering something special! 10 free La Plagne lift passes! A La Plagne ski area pass gets you access to all of the 225km of piste it has to offer and is worth €269 for 6 days As…

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An introduction to different types of snowboards

different snowboards

Most of us know that snowboards are not all the same but what are the differences? What different specialisms do different snowboards have? And how do you tell them apart? These are the questions we hope to answer with this article. We hope we can help you find the ideal board whether you’ll take on…

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Different snowboard binding systems

snowboard binding systems

There are snowboards, there are bindings and then there’s the way those bindings attach to the board. If you’re going to get your ideal snowboarding set-up you’ll need to make sure you take into account how you’ll fix your bindings to your board. If you buy incompatible bindings for your board, you’ll find it hard…

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Make ski holiday videos on your phone

apps for ski holiday videos

Our review of a bunch of Apps that can help you capture those snow moments Holidays in the snow provide endless opportunities to post something great on social media. It’s something most of us do and it’s not just the kids. Nowadays most of us can fire off a photo, video or even a panorama…

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About avalanches

avalanches explained

Avalanches need no scientific explanation for us to understand their power, you only need to witness them to feel it. Every year there are avalanches in the high places of the world and these days, we can view them more than ever online. They’re incredible enough viewed through your phone screen but in real life…

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Ski holiday survival guide for your smartphone

protect your phone while skiing

There’s no doubt, a modern mobile is a useful thing to have on a ski holiday both whilst travelling and out on the mountain. From displaying your boarding pass, piste mapping apps, taking selfies and even saving your life, a mobile is a great tool. So what’s the problem? A lot of us spend a…

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Snow park – How not to do it

Snow park fail videos

Why not take 5 minutes to enjoy some funny videos of normal skiers and snowboarders getting it quite wrong when taking on the snowpark. You might learn a thing or two about how not to do it.

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit La Plagne Montalbert

La Plagne Montalbert

La Plagne Montalbert offers a rustic and charming feel, making it ideal for those new to skiing or even families. The village provides a more laid back vibe, with cosy chalets and a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of other ski resorts which some visitors prefer. Our Top 5…

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Handle media on your ski holiday with this gadget

Hootoo travel router

If you travel with mobile devices and action cameras and want to handle all that media you’re capturing, it can be a bit technically difficult to manage. This handy gadget makes it easy for us to handle media on our ski trips, find out why.

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Check snow webcams in our resorts

Ski resort webcams

Get your window to the Alps with a webcam to your favourite ski resort. Check out the snow and the weather from the comfort of your home or office.

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Taking older kids on a ski holiday

snowboarder teenagers

Taking teenagers on a ski holiday can be hard work for parents. To help our readers avoid risk and trouble we’ve come up with a range of tactics and equipment to help parents with the task.

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