Ski Life

Hiring skis vs. buying skis

hiring skis vs. buying skis - guide

Should I hire skis or buy skis? Find the answer by reading our quick guide to hiring skis vs. buying skis.

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Brexit and the Ski Industry

Independent ski chalet operator Mountain Heaven talk about the U.K leaving the E.U and the impact it might have on the ski industry and how the E.U affects U.K travel

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Top tips for taking your kids skiing

TOP TIPS for family ski holidays

As a family-owned ski company based in the Alps, we know just how wonderful ski holidays with the family are. But they’re not without their challenges, and the thought of taking the kids skiing for the first time is sure to leave some parents with wobbly knees! Whatever kind of ski trip you choose, whether…

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A ski marathon in the Three Valleys

snow camp meribel event

A bunch of snow enthusiasts take on a massive challenge for a good cause. They face a marathon of epic proportions nearly twice the heigh of everest descended and nearly 100km to travel, all in one day!

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The Riders App

App for skiers and snowboard tricks

For skiers, snowboarders and almost anything else you can pull some tricks on, the Riders app. An encyclopaedia of inspiration for those looking to show off their styles

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Easy to learn & accessible to all, Ski-Bikes!

Ski biking around the world

The sport of snow biking offers more than just another way to travel on snow, it’s incredibly easy to learn, enormous fun & puts very little stress on the body. Find out why this sport is growing fast especially amongst groups that felt excluded from the world of snowsports.

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