Ski Life

Travel light in style with this new ski wear service

ski gear rental

When it comes to travelling to the mountains some of us prefer hauling the big equipment bag through the airport and arriving with our own gear and some prefer getting to the resort and renting gear. There’s no doubt that renting your skis or snowboard makes the journey a little easier and for new skiers… Read more »

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3 ski videos from Iran

skiing in iran

Ever wondered what an Iranian ski resort actually looks like? For the first time, this year Mountain Heaven are offering ski holidays in Iran so now you really can go but we’d like to give you a good look first. On our travels we’ve met the good people behind Ski of Persia a blog that… Read more »

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The Ski Chalet of The Future

chalet of the future

We recently took a look at the history of ski architecture but what about the future? Ski chalets in the future will be full of smart technology, we see some evidence of this today but we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s to come. We’ll see new interior & exterior materials and so new inspiring… Read more »

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Experience Iranian Skiing

ski in iran

What are your first thoughts of Iran? Desserts, war, ISIS, American embassy hostages and women in black full-length hijabs? Well after my journey to Iran last year with my son I can personally tell you that the image conjured up by most people is completely wrong. What I found was possibly the friendliest, most peaceful… Read more »

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Photo competition winners

competition winners

The votes have been counted & the winners contacted The public have been voting over the last month, we’ve collated the responses and have been left with winners! We’ll be ordering canvass prints of their winning image for each of them plus the Polaroid Cube action cam for the No.1 winner. We hope to run… Read more »

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Vote for the best ski photo

Photo competition

We’ve been receiving loads of fantastic images for our best picture from last season photography competition. We’ve selected our favourite 10, but now it’s time to pick the winners! This is not a professional ski photography competition, we’re looking for the treasured holiday snaps from our guests and the snow-loving public in general.   Take… Read more »

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An introduction to different types of skis

An introduction to different types of skis

While it may seem that a pair of skis are simply just a pair of skis, they are part of a diverse family and the product of years of development & history. They’re certainly more than just two pieces of fibreglass strapped to a pair of boots. If you’re hiring, depending on the type of… Read more »

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A 12 day festival experience in La Plagne

subli cimes la plagne 2017

Across the Alps as winter fades into Spring the mountain folk celebrate with traditions old and new alike. It’s a special time with sunshine, snow & the explosion of spring growth, you can start at the top of a mountain in winter & by the time you run out of snow it feels like summer…. Read more »

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Keep your money safe when skiing

keep money safe when skiing

If you’re heading out to the mountains, you’ll need to access your money in some form or another. If you’re planning to snap up a last minute ski holiday deal don’t forget to organise your access to funds whilst abroad. With a bit of planning & preparation you can ensure you have convenience and security… Read more »

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Time-lapse photography in ski resorts

Blurred ski slope scene with time-lapse turner icon overlaid

For those not familiar with time-lapse, you’ll find most Android and all iPhones come pre-equipped with a camera shooting mode called ‘time-lapse’. Virtually all action cameras (such as GoPros) have a time-lapse mode as do many compact and DSLR cameras. So most of us already have a camera that does the job. The camera will… Read more »

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