Ski Gear

What to pack for a ski holiday

Packing for a ski holiday

There’s no doubt, if you’re going away for a ski holiday in La Plagne or other ski resort destination there’s a lot to remember when it comes to packing. We thought we’d make it easy for our guests and readers by writing out our own guide to packing for your ski holiday. Did you know…

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An introduction to different types of snowboards

different snowboards

Most of us know that snowboards are not all the same but what are the differences? What different specialisms do different snowboards have? And how do you tell them apart? These are the questions we hope to answer with this article. We hope we can help you find the ideal board whether you’ll take on…

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Different snowboard binding systems

snowboard binding systems

There are snowboards, there are bindings and then there’s the way those bindings attach to the board. If you’re going to get your ideal snowboarding set-up you’ll need to make sure you take into account how you’ll fix your bindings to your board. If you buy incompatible bindings for your board, you’ll find it hard…

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Ski holiday survival guide for your smartphone

protect your phone while skiing

There’s no doubt, a modern mobile is a useful thing to have on a ski holiday both whilst travelling and out on the mountain. From displaying your boarding pass, piste mapping apps, taking selfies and even saving your life, a mobile is a great tool. So what’s the problem? A lot of us spend a…

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What Protective Ski Gear Do I Need?

protective ski helmets

There are many items designed to protect you on the slopes in the event of it all going wrong. The dangers are many, you might crash into someone, get into trouble off piste or simply have a ski lift accident. The risk of injury exists to some degree at all times when you’re out on…

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New Innovative Ski Gear

high tech ski products

Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of progress in ski gear. We’ve discovered eco-friendly, sustainable ski gear which has been handcrafted from natural materials by and for, determined ski enthusiasts. Our wooden ski and snowboard gear article showcases some of the most amazing skis, snowboards and other ski equipment which follows the trend towards…

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Snowfeet Mini Skis

Snowfeet mini skis

The ski industry is ever growing, with innovative and sustainable new products on the market each year which provides many opportunities for you to try something a bit different on your ski trip. For example, Wing Jump is a unique and crazy product from France if you’re looking to experience a new ski sensation or…

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How to buy cheap ski gear

deals on ski gear

There’s no doubt you need a fair bit of gear to go skiing or snowboarding. You don’t need to buy it all, ski and snowboard rental are common and you can even rent ski clothes so you don’t really need to own any of the gear yourself. If you visit the mountains regularly and/or you…

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Travel light in style with this new ski wear service

ski gear rental

When it comes to travelling to the mountains some of us prefer hauling the big equipment bag through the airport and arriving with our own gear and some prefer getting to the resort and renting gear. There’s no doubt that renting your skis or snowboard makes the journey a little easier and for new skiers…

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New sledge from the U.K

Axiski sledges

When you think about it, winter sports are just an advanced version of sledging. When you take away the competitions, the apres ski, the glamour and the sense of occasion you’re left with people of all ages enjoying sliding down a hill. And there’s nothing wrong with that! In this article we look at a…

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Wooden ski and snowboard gear

wooden ski and snowboard gear

Ski’s & snowboards made from wood have been around for many years and wood still has its place even in this high tech age of advanced alloys, carbon fibre and digital connectivity. Can they really perform as well, if not better than modern equipment? Does wood have a place in the skis and snowboards of…

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New technology for cold feet

Cold feet

When we’re out on the mountain we can all feel the cold but nothing dampens the spirits like having cold feet. Some skiers suffer from it worse than others and try to double up with socks to resist the cold. American company ThermaCELL have designed a solution for the 21st century that has the power…

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